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Some News and Updates

First of all: We have the Split-7″ with BURT in stock now! Feel free to order some.

Second: We play core tex stage on the first of may at 12:30 (noon). So, if you want to see us there, be in time. There will be lots of other interesting Bands like Samiam, Final Prayer, or Radio Dead Ones!

Third: Some new shows are in the Dates section.

See you on the barricades, Henry Fonda!

Burt-Split out now!

Our Split-7″ with our friends in BURT is out now and will be available the next days. You can order copies here! Or directly from us in a few days!

The Henry Fonda Scrabble-Punx!

No sleep ´til mayday!

Last saturday we played our last show until may. Magdeburg was nice. We really enjoyed the music of the fine young pals of Zodiac and Rebarker. It was fun. Lots of Thankyous go out to Janosch and the Magdeburg Crew for setting up the show and caring for us in a very kind way! Now we got time for writing new fucked up songs for the upcoming releases. So stay tuned!

This week our singer Tom is having his first exhibition of artworks and posterart at [f.u.c.] bar in the travestrasse 4 at Berlin Friedrichshain. Grand opening is today at 8 pm. Check this out!

Henry Fondue!