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5 Years Of Atari!

Congratulations to the Atari in Leipzig. It is a place where we met a lot of nice people, where we had a lot of fun and where we had lots of good and interesting conversations. Now you can get a double-tape sampler with 54 bands, 72 songs, 2,5 hours music, 40 pages booklet, button, sticker. 150 pieces were made.
We are happy to be a small part of this!

We survived the weekend…

A big thank you to all the concert groups and all the people who helped at the shows and to the people that hung out with us! It was a blast!

Now we are just a blastbeat away from our this weekends show at cassiopeia in berlin.
We are joining forces with the anti-german hatemachine T-34, November 13th and Afterlife Kids!

Listen to two of the new Afterlife Kids songs from their upcoming record: here.

Cheerz, your antagonist pfeffi-crew!

Another Pfeffi-Weekend!!!

17.05.13 – EMIL Hausfest Zittau
18.05.13 – Haus, Jena w/ chevin, insult
19.05.13 – Kombi, Nünchritz „Kids in the pit fest“
w/ Isolation, reflections, run time error, Kommando Kronstadt