Archiv für Februar 2014

Rote Zora…

Today is the grand reopening of „Rote Zora“ in Altenburg! Come and hang with us, see a lot of bands and support counterculture!


…we play a show with our friends in Pessimistic Lines and T-34. We were looking forward to this show for months. For T-34 it will be the last show in Berlin before they break up in march. Check out their very last show at Korn Hannover.

Pessimistic Lines are putting out their first longplayer „overcome“ in early 2014 via Cobra Records. The first tunes we were listening to sound amazing! The cover-art was done by our singer Tom. Check out his blog: here.

We also uploaded the four last songs of our house show in Leipzig from mid-january.

See you tomorrow,
Your hardworking no-coast power-violence worshipers!