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This Year Is Slowly Coming To An End…

That’s a point where we visit the very depths of our souls and reflect on the things happened in the last year and the things to come. It is like diving through our feelings and entering a new stage. Sounds transcendental… but it is more about thinking and re-thinking our behaviour and actions. We‘ve been very active, played a lot of shows and missed a lot. We‘ve been struggling with the world as a whole and with ceveral personal things in our closer environment. We also had a lot of fun and very good conversations on that way… so plays the life (as we say in Berlin).

We wanna say thank you to a lot more people we can name here. But we very much appreciate what you have done for us. So thank you so far and also thanks for all the pfeffi!

There are two shows left for this year: The first is on the 5th of december in Berlin at Kastanienkeller together with the fabulous Nuclear Cult and Crack Under Pressure. And the second on 13th of december in Rosswein at the JuHa. See you there.

A new year is coming. We will release a Split-7inch together with our friends in Empowerment early next year. It is already in the making and will feature one track written by us and one cover-song by a classic berlin punkband – as I would say ;)

We won‘t play so many shows next year, as everyone of us is involved in different projects besides Henry Fonda. But there will be some secrets coming to the light of day as well!!!

So see you on the barricades of our hearts,
your denglish experts!

P.S. Sorry for no pictures and just words!