Archiv für Februar 2016

Like Alec Empire said: „Ja geil, Grüß die von mir!“

We have updated the blog. So all the upcoming shows are in the dates section…
like this one:

And to all those who didn‘t have the chance to order a copy, or who don‘t even have a record player: listen to our Songs from the Split 7″ with the infamous Empowerment from Stu York! Their Songs are Killer, too!


We just put up our new split 7″ with Empowerment plus a new shirt to raise money for Rigaer94. Rigaerstr. 94 is one of only a few squats / housing projects left in Berlin and was under siege by cops in the past few weeks. Henkel (CDU /berlins minister for inner affairs) makes use of police violence to support his election ralley and is trying to get rid of what he would describe as the dirty places in Berlin Friedrichshain. 1312

get the shirt and other goodies here:

and don‘t forget about the demonstration tomorrow…