The Henry Fonda Powerviolence Collective was founded in 2009. It began as a kind of a joke to play as short songs as it is possible in the vein of bands like Charles Bronson, Spazz, Infest and Siege. Over the years the sound evolved a little bit, the ideology got a little bit more subtle, but in the end it is, what it was 7 years ago:

„we play fast, we party hard. no trends, no haircuts, no bullshit. our lyrics deal with politics, personal issues as well as scene shit and total nonsense. we dont limit this band to be an elitist and 100% serious group but like to inspire you to think and to act in a responsibel way that knows no borders between you and others. this collective is run the DIY way. no management, no booking agencies, no imperial merch, no fucking clothing line endorsments. fuck all you leeches.
lets keep it dirty and ugly.

we are a live band, blogsport may seem to be a nice way of wasting time but no replacement for a live show. so drop us a line and we‘ll play your kitchen for cookies, gas, pfeffi and a floor to crash.“

Andi – guitar // Tom – Vocals // Paul – Guitar // Nico – Drums // Tompa – Bass

For friends of: Spazz, Shank, old Slime, Limp Wrist, Wipers, Empowerment, Charles Bronson, Pfeffi… , Coke Bust, Hatred Surge, Final Prayer